Root Canal Myths

Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Afraid of RCTs? Here are some myths busted about your tooth’s life savingprocedure, i.e. Root Canal Treatment Myth: “Root Canal Treatment is painful”Fact: Actually, RCT relieves pain, because of modern technologiesand painless anesthetics, most patients will describes the procedureas “painless” Myth: “Root Canal Treatment causes illness”Fact: There is no scientific evidence that connects Root CanalTreatment and diseases. Myth: “The better …

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Diabetes Oral Problems

6 Oral Problems You Can Face If You Have Diabetes

Oral Health Care and Diabetes Oral complications in a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus can be devastating. These may include periodontitis, gingivitis, candidiasis, dental caries, tooth loss, lichen planus, neurosensory disorders(burning mouth syndrome), salivary gland dysfunction and xerostomia and taste impairment. ORAL IMMUNOLOGIC AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN DIABETES Periodontal disease:- It is well documented that periodontal …

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